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Easter Weekend Fun!

I love making memories with K doing things like this. I decided to dye eggs with her this year because I knew she’d enjoy it. So of course, I forgot to boil the eggs on Thursday night, so she had to be patient while I did that. Then she dyed them, coloured on them with chalk and put stickers on them. She had a great time.

Dyed Easter eggs

Girl dying Easter eggs

On Sunday, we woke up, and K did her egg hunt and ate way too much chocolate.


In the afternoon, we made it to the Easter parade. It was a beautiful day and K, and I enjoyed ourselves. She had a bit of a tantrum on the way home because she wanted me to carry her (an ongoing problem here), but she soon got over it and walked home holding my hand. After the parade, we went home and had dinner with family. We ended the evening with K falling asleep on my lap and then off to bed. To those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!

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