Spring, Are You There?


I’d be lying if I said it’s my favourite season (shout out to fall), but I love spring. I enjoy seeing the leaves of new plants pushing up through the soil, listening to the birds in the trees sing and walking down the street with a “spring” in my step. I especially enjoy spring since having K. I couldn’t wait for her first winter to end. We had lots of snow (fun with a stroller) and the coldest February on record. I felt housebound and rejoiced when the first signs of spring crept in.

This winter I’ve had to take K on two buses each morning and afternoon and waiting for those buses in the cold, wind and snow has been torturous. After getting off the first bus in the morning we embrace to keep ourselves as sheltered as possible but it’s futile. We freeze. She complains that she’s cold. I complain that I’m cold. It’s awful. We had an ice storm last weekend. There were power outages (but we got lucky), downed power lines and tree branches. It’s mid-April already and spring has not arrived. It’s not so uncommon in Toronto but this year, this year I’m yearning for it. Temperatures are expected to rise next week but I’m skeptical. I have fantasies of frolicking at the park with K in the sunshine and going outside without my boots and winter coat on. C’mon spring, are you there?

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