My Postpartum Struggle

Woman with face in her hands

We’ve all heard of postpartum depression but have you heard of postpartum anxiety? Well, until my daughter turned two, I hadn’t. I had post-partum anxiety, and I didn’t know it. It started when I was pregnant. I worried about horrible things happening to my baby. What if somebody kidnaps her? Hurts her? It’s my job to protect her so I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do that. When my daughter was born, those…

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Single Motherhood

Parenting and Sacrifice

K was sick on-and-off last week. I had to take the Wednesday off work to stay home with her, then on Sunday, she was sick again. Monday she was better but still too ill to go to daycare but my mother was able to stay home with her. Then on Tuesday, she had a high fever so I had to take another day off work to stay home with her again. This all had me…

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Spring, Are You There?


I’d be lying if I said it’s my favourite season (shout out to fall), but I love spring. I enjoy seeing the leaves of new plants pushing up through the soil, listening to the birds in the trees sing and walking down the street with a “spring” in my step. I especially enjoy spring since having K. I couldn’t wait for her first winter to end. We had lots of snow (fun with a stroller)…

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